Messages From Earth is a consultancy, based in Sheffield UK, set up to help people find out what they want to know and then tell people about it. I do this through freelance research, writing and teaching.

Much of what I do focuses on people’s engagement with space and place (e.g. outdoor space, built environments, local places, everyday spaces, The Environment). Often my work considers children and childhood and the spatial aspects of their lives.  I am also interested in people’s engagement with each other (modes of communication, stories, learning and intergenerational relations).

People call on my skills as an experienced independent researcher at different stages and for different lengths of time.


You may need just a day’s work or perhaps a longer term involvement over weeks, months or longer.  For example, I can:

  • generate early ideas for a piece of research or enquiry
  • quickly shape existing ideas into a workable project
  • carry out evaluations
  • focus on specific tasks such as the design of effective interviews
  • project manage
  • solve thorny problems once enquiry has started
  • offer research mentoring to others involved in a project

Some individuals and organisations need a writer – someone to put together funding bids, write research reports, assist with literature searches or a written piece to engage with a specific audience.

You may need a facilitator, trainer or teacher who helps individuals or groups uncover their potential in their particular field; helping folk move into new stages of work can be useful for a variety of organisations. I do teaching on a variety of subjects including: sociology of childhood; space and place; places of learning and of play and research. I can also offer advice on how to engage children and young people in places, learning, processes or events.

I’m really happy to discuss tailoring work to suit a client’s needs. Do contact me with any questions or for an informal conversation about how I can help.