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When I say teaching I mean all kinds of teaching, training, public speaking, talking and listening experiences including mentoring and coaching. I’m equally at home lecturing to large numbers of people as I am running group workshops or engaging one to one. I don’t just speak to students and academics but practitioners too.

I particularly like to help people in these areas:

Research with children
Childhood studies
Thinking around play
Spaces of learning
Outdoor learning
Critical refection for researchers / practitioners
Qualitative research methods
Thinking and working creatively

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A recent researcher development / training programme

With some brilliant colleagues at The University of Sheffield, I co-organised a well-received research staff development initiative aimed at helping research managers (as well as the researchers themselves) to: ‘tune into the value of research staff’. After two sessions – one in a woodland, led by theatre-trained and forest-skilled facilitators, and another creativity-focussed session held back on university territory – we showcased our work to others with the help of an artist who provided exciting visual notetaking for us.

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I developed a physical output in the form of a postcard which has since been distributed to all project leaders across two faculties.  It celebrates the activity and presence of research staff in university communities and advocates for their full inclusion and worth.curious case amended