What Others Say


Jo is a priceless asset to any project that is fortunate enough to have her on board…I have nothing but the highest praise for the way in which she approached and carried out this work…intelligent appraisal of problems, her imaginative approach and her extraordinary determination (Project Manager).

Jo has shown herself to be an exceedingly competent researcher who has managed the project with both commitment and considerable expertise. This very complex project is not only on time and to budget but has produced excellent data which is all down to Jo’s skill as a research manager and fieldworker (Research Director).

The rich data collected is testament to her excellent interviewing skills, commented upon by the interviewees themselves (Research Manager).


Her strengths include her ability to pick up and welcome new ideas and to reflect on them; her commitment to follow them further than most, to see where they might lead and then to produce well-crafted, logical, thoughtful writing…. (Colleague).

The work brings a worthwhile perspective to the field and the paper is well motivated and well written.

The paper is well written and the structure is very clear and easy to follow.

…the evidence developed in the paper is convincing (Reviewers for Academic Journals).

Jo is an extremely talented individual, with the added value of being an excellent communicator (Research Director).

Teaching /training/mentoring

Thank you for your patience and commitment throughout the year. I really feel I have learnt a huge amount about my subject and academic writing and thinking in particular. I have gained a lot from the process and enjoyed it. (Student).

Again, a really big thank you for your advice. Between 7:30-8:30  I managed to write 1000+ words! I didn’t worry that they were not going to be ‘good enough’. I feel completely differently about the enormity of the task ahead now (Student).

Jo’s workshop enabled a powerful exploration of my own creativity and provided me with precious space for reflection on how I do research, why I do it and where I want to go with it. Although the seminar was aimed at researchers, my design-practitioner friends found it equally as relevant and useful for them. We were all really impressed with how tackling serious issues can be done in such a playful and enjoyable way (Research Assistant).

Her teaching is always carefully prepared, intelligently structured and enthusiastically presented (Mentor).

Jo has a great sense of humour with an easy manner and friendly personality that puts both children and adults at ease.  She is diplomatic and tactful (Research Manager).

I really enjoyed your presentation and the way you engaged with the students (Colleague).